Sierra Sector

Once a stalwart enemy and later, a reluctant ally, the Romulan Star Empire contained a vast expanse of hidden wonders. Across the dark frontiers of their space, races as old and proud as any in the Federation banded together to form an Empire that could withstand anything. And it did for hundreds of years until the Hobus star went supernova, its shockwave obliterating the twin talon worlds of Romulus and Remus. In the literal vacuum left behind, allied powers divided – following their own selfish agendas -- and remnants of an almost extinct people now claw and scratch for mere scraps.

As a result, Starfleet forces along the former Neutral Zone find themselves pressed into the most chaotic of services. Starbase Sierra 6 – a relatively unheard of outpost on the edge of nowhere – now serves as a vital hub for Federation activity along the border. The USS Lancelot and USS Vanguard – among several other similarly reassigned vessels – now finds themselves headquartered at SS6, directed to defend the station and offer aid to those who need it. Yet not all are happy to receive such kindness and shadowy powers conspire against a Federation who would be savior.

In a political landscape forever changed, Sierra Sector needs YOU! Whether you’re a veteran simmer or an enthusiastic first-timer, we welcome your enlistment. We have openings of all sorts, ranging from SS6 personnel to positions on the USS Lancelot and the Vanguard. Whether you want to play a tactical officer, doctor, promenade merchant, civilian administrator, intelligence operative, etc., we have a place for you!

To get started, simply click the “Join” link above, fill out your proposed character profile, and submit a short sample post. We’ll swiftly get back to you and ease your entrance into the game. We look forward to working with you and know you’ll find much enjoyment here. See you in the game soon!

Latest News Items

» SS6's New Mission

Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 11:59pm by Captain Jorden Behr in Website Update

Greetings all,

So after a very extended shoreleave, we are about to kick off our new mission! At this time, we need to wrap up all JPs currently in progress. If possible, please try to get those out by sometime tomorrow. We'll be kicking things off in short order but will leave the old mission open for another day or two so you can get those done.

Jamie (Cmdr. Ekkoran) and I are very excited to launch the new mission and hope you will enjoy what we've cooked up! :) Please assume your characters have received messages indicating you should arrive at the Defender promptly at 0600 hours and be prepared to add in some bits about coming aboard once the JP is started. :)

Looking forward to an awesome mission with you all! 

- Brad (Captain Behr)

» Welcome Beth!

Posted on Wed Mar 5th, 2014 @ 11:28pm by Captain Jorden Behr in Sim Announcement

Hello all,

Please join me in welcoming Beth to SS6! She's another longtime friend from my very first sim org (UIP) and is truly one of the best writers I've EVER had the pleasure of writing with. I'm over the moon that she's here and I hope you will be, too. :) Beth will be playing Lieutenant Phaedra Sia, our new Bajoran CMO. Lieutenant Shar'Wyn Foster -- former CMO -- has been recalled to Earth for awhile but will be back at some point to visit. :) Jamie -- who has been promoted and now plays our XO, Commander Ekkoran -- will be putting out a post soon with more details on Shar's departure.

Beth, I hope you enjoy your time here on SS6! We have some really wonderful players and I know you'll enjoy interacting with everyone...including some other UIP veterans who've recently joined like Kyle, Sam, and Kiv. Let me know if you have any questions!

- Brad (Captain Behr)

» End of Shoreleave (SS6)

Posted on Wed Feb 26th, 2014 @ 12:13am by Captain Jorden Behr in Sim Announcement

Greetings everyone,

Shoreleave for SS6 will end on Monday, March 3rd (that's next Monday). Between now and then, please finish up any outstanding JPs you're working on and slip in another solo post or two if you like. :) For those who are just just joining us, please get your "Arriving on SS6" post completed within the next day or so. Jamie and I will then reach out to you for a short JP before the mission begins.

Remember, once the new mission begins, we return to normal posting expectations. That means 1 post per week at the very least. Jamie and I are excited to begin the new mission and hope you'll enjoy what we've cooked up!

Thanks all,

- Brad (Captain Behr)

» Welcome Sam!

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2014 @ 11:59pm by Captain Jorden Behr in Sim Announcement

Greetings all,

Please join me in welcoming Sam to Starbase Sierra 6! Sam will be playing Lieutenant Samuel Carter, our new Diplomatic Officer! Sam is a VERY long time friend and alum from the United Interstellar Planets, my very first sim org. :) Given the brewing conflict with the Klingons, Sam will no doubt be quite involved in things around here. Sam, we are thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy the game as much as we do! 

- Brad (Captain Behr)

» Another New Player!

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2014 @ 5:27am by Captain Jorden Behr in Sim Announcement

Greetings all,

Please join me in welcoming Kyle to Starbase Sierra 6! Kyle will be playing Lieutenant Lance O'sham, our new Chief of Operations! Kyle is a VERY long time friend and alum from United Interstellar Planets, my very first sim org. Kyle, we are thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy the game as much as we do! 

- Brad (Captain Behr)

Latest Mission Posts

» Post 23 - Intrigued

Mission: USSL/SS6 Shoreleave #2
Posted on Tue Apr 15th, 2014 @ 9:53pm by Lieutenant Jek Wakar

<This is a bit of a backpost-- I'm not sure why I never posted this in a timely manner.  Must've gotten lost in the drafts pile.  Sorry folks! We're going back in time here to the beginning of Shoreleave, when Wakar happened to bump into Elia Duren.  Timeline is the evening…

» Post 22 - Not Enough

Mission: USSL/SS6 Shoreleave #2
Posted on Mon Apr 14th, 2014 @ 1:05am by Lieutenant Jek Wakar

[Starbase Sierra Six]
[Enroute to Wakar's Quarters]
[Immediately following post 20 - Apologies ]

There isn't enough.
Those seemed to be the only words Wakar's brain could formulate as he made his way, slightly dazed, back to his quarters.  There had been an intimate aspect to watching the news…

» Post 21 - Just Arriving...

Mission: USSL/SS6 Shoreleave #2
Posted on Sun Apr 13th, 2014 @ 1:04am by Captain Jorden Behr & Lieutenant Phaedra Sia

*** ON ***
[Main Infirmary]
[Concurrent With Post 18]
Behr looked down at the empty desk where he sat and sighed. The station had suffered a curse of issues where the Chief Medical Officer position was concerned, it seemed. Ever since the Captain had come aboard the station as…

» Post 20 - Apologies

Mission: USSL/SS6 Shoreleave #2
Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 9:11pm by Captain Jorden Behr & Lieutenant Jek Wakar

[Starbase Sierra Six]
[Enroute to Sickbay]
[1412 hours, one day after return]
Lieutenant Jek Wakar did not normally think of himself as a cowardly person.  Practical, he preferred to refer to himself, if the subject ever came up.  After all, you did not see many brave --stupid, as he preferred…

» Post 19 - Morning Rituals

Mission: USSL/SS6 Shoreleave #2
Posted on Mon Mar 17th, 2014 @ 2:26am by Commander Aranel Ekkoran

 [Starbase Sierra Six]
[First Officer's Quarters]
Aranel stretched languidly and gave a friendly wake-up kiss to his bed companion.  The Antaran shopkeeper yawned and stretched, grinning as she sat up.
“Good morning!” The Efrosian command grinned, swinging his feet out of bed. 
“It is a…

Latest Personal Logs

» Arriving at the station

Posted on Fri Mar 7th, 2014 @ 5:15am by Ensign Kenneth "KC" Weston

*** ON ***
[Frieghter SpringRain]
KC stood from the cramped passenger seating area, he had spent the last 6 days in this area, with a dozen other people. Most haven't showered in a a life time. He stretched his back was stiff from sleeping in the chair. He…

» The Rumor Mill

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2013 @ 10:59pm by Lieutenant JG Marcus Fisher

This is taking place back in the prime universe while on shoreleave


"Computer begin recording," Fisher calmly instructed. "Lt. Fisher's personal log, stardate 90970.4."

The muscular thirty-one year old hesitated for a moment before he continued. The right words took a couple of seconds to…

» A Few Loose Ends

Posted on Wed Mar 20th, 2013 @ 7:00pm by Commander Simone Avila

"Personal log, Stardate... something or other. I've been awake so long I don't even know what day it is. Anyway. Captain Behr is back now, though there are some weird rumors about him and underwear going around, and I'm not sure I want to know where that all came from.…

» Personal Log, 001; Lieutenant Stefan Ives, Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer, USS Lancelot

Posted on Wed Jan 23rd, 2013 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Stefan Ives

"Computer, please start personal log; Lieutenant Stefan Ives, USS Lancelot.
"The transfer from the Discovery to the Lancelot went most successfully, although it did take more time than had been originally intended. After five years of service with the Discovery, I found that saying my goodbyes was much more difficult than…

» After Deshala

Posted on Sat Dec 29th, 2012 @ 9:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Michael Lancaster

Chief Operations Officer's Log
Stardate 65901.5
As ordered, I led an away team to interdict changeling operatives on the planet Deshala. After transporting down, we found ourselves on the surface of a large mesa-like formation, which contained one of the main city complexes for the colony. Because of the time…